COVID – 19 Information

Due to the current unprecedented situation Caravan/Motorhome servicing, maintenance and towing is now happening slightly differently.

Servicing – This can be done on a drive, at a storage site or on site as long as it has been vacant for 72 hours before engineer enters to do the service.

Maintenance – This can now not be performed on pitch during your holiday, please plan ahead, preferably book a service 2-4 weeks before you are due to go away in the caravan/motorhome. For small jobs, book engineer to go in and do them 72hrs after you have vacated your caravan/motorhome. It is recommended that you do not return to your caravan/motorhome for at least 48-72hrs after the engineer has completed the work.

Towing – As above, the caravan/motorhome needs to be vacant for 72hrs before engineer collects.