All repairs are carried out at a location of your choice. We cover most counties surrounding somerset.

Service preparation information

  • Please Empty and clean your toilet
  • Tidy away any bulky items (eg awnings, waste and water hogs, outdoor chairs and tables)
  • Tidy any food preparation away

A full caravan service includes:

  • Damp testing with a report
  • Gas soundness and appliances checked.
  • Gas hoses replaced if required.
  • Carbon monoxide test when gas appliances are checked.
  • All electrics tested.
  • Tow hitch and chassis inspected.
  • Wheel hubs removed, brakes and wheel bearings inspected.
  • All locks and hinges lubricated.
  • Check and lubricate all stabiliser legs.
  • Tyres inspected, pressure and depths checked and reported.
  • All road lights tested for operation.

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